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Play Sand is part of being a child, our best times are spent playing in Sandbox Sand. Colored Safe Sand is so much a part of childhood, from Sand Art, Arts and Crafts Sand, Sandbox Sand, Aquarium Sand for our fish to Play Sand.

However, in todays world all Play Sand is not created equal it is not all Safe Sandbox Sand, Natural Sand, or Silica Free Sand. In fact, Play Sand in your child's Sandbox is probably one of the last places one would expect to find environmental toxins reported to be cancer causing or carcinogenic.

Please continue to the "Hidden Dangers" page for more information. is your online resource for Sandtastik brand Play Sand - the safest, most colorful Play Sand and Safe Sandbox Sand available on the market today. Feel free to explore our website for answers to your FAQ's. Check out our full line of products and place your orders online. Take advantage of our online shipping calculator for reasonable shipping rates throughout the US.

At Kid Safe Sand you will find that all of our Colored Sand is Safe Sand, Natural Sand and Silica Free Sand. No matter what the usage, Sand Art, Arts and Crafts Sand, Sandbox Sand, Aquarium Sand, or Play Sand, at Kid Safe Sand, we sell nothing but Kid Safe Sand.

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